Step 1: Download Evothings Studio

The current stable version of Evothings Studio is 2.1.0 and you can download it here:

The Evothings Studio is fully open source under the Apache License version 2.0 and there is no spyware/adware or other unwanted things in the installers we distribute. You can also find full source on github.

NOTE: We do not build for 32 bit desktop platforms anymore. If you really need it, ask us!

The previous version of Evothings Studio is available here.

Step 2: Get a cloud token

To use version 2.1.0 and newer you need a cloud token. Use the button below to get one! Save it and paste it in later, in Evothings Workbench.

You will need a randomized Cloud Token to use the Workbench. This is your anonymous developer identification and you need one Cloud Token per Workbench installed.

Cloud Token:


Step 3: Install Evothings Viewer app on your Android or iOS device

Use your mobile device to install Evothings Viewer from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Note: You need both parts of Evothings Studio; the Evothings Workbench for your computer and Evothings Viewer for your mobile device(s).

Step 4: Connect from Evothings Viewer to Evothings Workbench

Now you are ready to go! For instructions on how to connect, please refer to the in-line instructions on your Evothings Workbench’s Getting Started tab.

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