The current stable version of Evothings Studio is 2.2.1, you can download it here:

The Evothings Studio is released as open source under the Apache License version 2.0 and there is no spyware/adware or other unwanted things in the installers we distribute. You can also find the full source on github.

The previous versions of Evothings Studio are available here.

Step 2: Get a cloud token

To use version 2.1.0 and newer, you need a Cloud Token to connect to our proxy services. Use the button below to get one! Save it and paste it in when you’ve downloaded the computer software and run it for the first time.

To use version 2.1.0 and newer you need a cloud token. Use the button below to get one! Save it and paste it in when you run Evothings Workbench for the first time on your computer.

You will need a randomized Cloud Token to use the Workbench, preferably for the region nearest your location. This is your anonymous developer identification, with unique Cloud Token installed per Workbench.

I agree to Evothings’ End-user Licence Agreement


Step 3: Install Evothings Viewer app on your mobile

Evothings Viewer for iOS — temporarily unavailable

In the meantime, since the Client software is made using Evothings Studio (!) just like all our other apps, custom clients can be built from source using Cordova/Phonegap tools when applicable. There are other companies who have made their builds available via the iTunes Appstore, in our network.

Use your mobile device to install Evothings Viewer from the app stores.

Note: You need both parts of Evothings Studio; the Evothings Workbench for your computer and Evothings Viewer for your mobile device(s).

Step 4: Connect from Evothings Viewer to Evothings Workbench

Now you are ready to go! For instructions on how to connect, please refer to the in-line instructions on your Evothings Workbench’s Getting Started tab.