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About Us

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Evothings Inc.
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About Evothings Labs

Evothings Labs was founded with the vision to make it easy and efficient to develop mobile applications for Industrial IoT (IIoT). During our journey, we have stayed true to this vision and today we offer the Evothings Studio, a mobile application platform tailored for Industrial IoT. Our users, distributed over 130+ countries, give us fantastic feedback, encouraging us to keep on improving the platform with features relevant for the industry. We work in close collaboration with partners throughout the IIoT ecosystem, to better understand their wants and needs.

The mobile device and mobile app are going to be key components, serving as user interface for control, visualizations and analysis in a vast number of IIoT solutions.

We strive to support companies bringing business value of Enterprise IIoT solutions to the end user. We provide a zero-turnaround process for efficient development, prototyping, testing and deployment of mobile applications using our cloud platform. Evothings Studio significantly increases the speed of development, leading to a high scalability and ultimately a faster time-to-market for mobile services and applications.

Industrial companies face great challenges in scaling to hundreds of mobile apps catering for a variety of IIoT-use cases. Evothings Labs addresses these challenges by focusing on the mobile applications and on how mobile applications are integrated with others parts of the IIoT solutions through the cloud.

Evothings Labs was forged in Stockholm, Sweden and has operations in both Stockholm and Silicon Valley. Our core team is a combination of PhD’s, business executives (Cisco, Tibco, IBM, Apple, 3Com and more), and truly motivated and technically astute individuals all working together as a team.

Board of Directors

Dr Alex Jonson, Chairman, Tomas Uppgård and Göran Krampe