Evothings Example Apps

The Evothings Example Apps are designed to get you started quickly with development of mobile applications for the Internet of Things.

Included are both very basic apps such as Hello World, and a whole range of IoT apps for many different hardware devices. If you do not have access to any IoT devices, run the Cordova Accelerometer example. You can also try out the BLE Scan example. It will scan for nearby BLE devices, perhaps you will detect some devices you did not know about!

Run the examples using the Evothings Viewer. You can also build stand-alone versions using Apache Cordova.

Use the example applications as a starting point for you own projects. Use them in your projects at work, play with them at home, try them with your college or university class, or use them with your kids at home! Edit and modify them to suit your own goals! Spread the magic of IoT enabled apps!

Hello World Cordova Accelerometer Philips Hue Demo BLE Scan Eddystone Scan iBeacon Scan BLE Discovery TI SensorTag Accelerometer TI SensorTag Sensors TI SensorTag CC2650 Demo TI SensorTag CC2541 Demo mbed Custom GAP mbed Custom GATT Nordic BLE nRF51 DK BLE Arduino Input TCP Arduino LED On/Off TCP Arduino LED On/Off BLE Arduino BLE Arduino LED Blink Script RedBearLab - Simple Control RedBearLab - Simple Chat MediaTek LinkIt ONE - Position MediaTek LinkIt Connect 7681 ESP8266 LightBlue Bean - Basic RFduino LED On/Off Bluno - Hello World Arduino/Genuino 101 - LED On/Off BLE Raspberry Pi 3 - System information Dialog Semiconductor DA1458x DK Blinky Dialog Semiconductor IoT Sensor Dialog Semiconductor Multiple Beacon Formats MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo Microbit Accelerometer Microbit LED Microbit Sensors Basic Template App