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The Evothings adventure in mobile and IoT so far has been both a roller coaster ride – a mixed experience into the land of IoT. We feel we have succeeded well in creating a very useful and fairly unique software toolset. We are also happy to see that an active user community has formed around our tools, and growing steadily across the globe. During these years we have collected a wealth of information around various IoT hardware and associated technologies, resulting in a world-wide network of companies and organisations and 100+ articles often in the form of tutorials and how-tos on our own site, but also on places like Instructables and

The less successful part boils down to the outcome of our strive to sell premium subscriptions. The prime idea as Evothings Studio came onto the market was to offer our toolset as a premium, monthly subscription, accompanied with a basic, free option that was still usable for real work. The commercial plans were meant to target developers with a range of extras, saving time and energy for those working more extensively with the tool and having more experience with it.

Suffice to say, we tried this approach thoroughly during 2016 and it didn’t work out well enough, simple as that. Our backers lost interest in investing more money supporting this model; eventually the effort and the commercial entity behind the development effort had to come to a close. However, the team behind Evothings Studio still stands strong; we thought hard of where to go next, took a deep breath and prepared for something new:

New Evothings rises

The new Evothings team is Tomas, Alex, Göran and Mikael. We have known each other for a long time and work very well together. We decided on to not only to keep the service up and running for all developers out there, but also use the knowledge we’ve obtained to find new ways for a sustainable business around our team.

During late 2016, we found a number of interesting partners with a solid focus on IoT, and with a need for mobile developer tools. Together with them, we intend to move towards a more solution oriented operation helping customers with their IoT projects. We want the new Evothings to work more as a lab; offering our expertise and experience in implementing IoT solutions, and acting as third line support for other developers. We will also continue our work with workshops and other hands-on events as an enabler and catalyst; to help companies getting started with innovation in the world of IoT.

On Evothings Studio

The Evothings service and toolset continues to evolve, and we have decided to make more of it free for single developers, a service without tiers for both individuals and SMEs! Potential future add-ons may still be offered on a commercial basis, but the intent is to keep all things related to the development phase fully free to use. More details will come in another blog post.

This approach aligns better with goals of our partners and customers that offers Evothings Studio as a part of their respective product solutions, or as a preferred tool recommended to their customers.

As you all know, the iOS Viewer was recently removed from AppStore since Apple felt it didn’t fully comply with their guidelines for connectivity. At the same time, we have seen a lack of scalability and stability in our current server side codebase. These things together prompted us to start a fairly deep rewrite of the server side, and also the Viewer. These changes also affect the Workbench. We work as hard as we can to make this happen, with an aim to launch a new server and a new Evothings Viewer for both Android and iOS as soon as we can. The difference will be aimed for improved stability and an easier connect procedure where you simply login on both the Viewer and the Workbench using Facebook/Github or your own account at Auth0.

In summary, the gist of it all is this:

– Evothings Studio will become free to use as a development service without tiers. The exact details on this and what it means will be described in a followup blog post.
– Starting today, we are primarily an IoT lab working on solutions with our customers using Evothings Studio as a tool in those projects.
– We will continue to develop Evothings Studio, in parallel with our work on solutions. This will likely bring on synergies in the design of our tools and services; i.e. we will be adding more relevant features while not as many new ones per release as in the past.

We hope these changes will make the new Evothings a more solid long term venture and uninterrupted service, and we also think it opens up lots of new interesting possibilities.

our regards,

The Evothings team
Göran, Tomas, Alex and Mikael