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This is Evothings Studio!

Evothings Studio is a mobile application enabler for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

Kickstart IoT apps!

It’s fast and fun to make apps in JavaScript

Evothings is secured with HTTPS


Being secure with your data is a top priority, we’ve listened and secured your service!

“infoFactory designs and develops mobile Apps to connect products (home appliances, medical devices, etc.) with Internet of Things and provides a cloud services platform for remote monitoring of the products and for enabling communication and engagement of the final users.

We believe that Evothings is a really interesting technology to simplify the development process. Furthermore, developing Apps using Web Technologies, instead of native languages, is also great to connect faster our cloud services platform to the mobile Apps.”

Paolo Omero, infoFACTORY srl

“In WSI’s line of business, we save considerable time on industrial app development in using Evothings Studio. More of our staff can get involved, we do more work in-house today and less using third parties.

Most importantly, we can now verify our own core business – the hardware constructs – by creating our own trial apps for both Android and iOS, without involving external resources and delivering more value, and faster iterations for the benefit of our customers and partners”

Jan-Åke Lindqvist, CEO and Co-founder, Wireless System Integration AB

“Evothings support helped Estimote reach much more developers than we could with only the native SDKs. They’re doing a terrific job with making IoT solutions available and easy to deploy with web technologies.”

Wojtek Borowicz, Community Evangelist, Estimote, Inc.

Built-in support for connected things

Built-in support for connected things

Examples and libraries provided for commonly available hardware like Arduino, Texas Instrument SensorTags, iBeacons and much more.

Develop real mobile apps in HTML5/JavaScript

Develop real mobile apps for the app stores in JavaScript

We have lots of JavaScript examples that are easy to extend and modify, and high-level libraries to support common IoT use cases.

Supports common IoT technologies

Supporting libraries for common IoT technologies

Bluetooth Smart (BLE), TCP/UDP IP networking over WiFi, ethernet and Bluetooth Classic. Get started using our tutorials.

Alt Text


Our tutorials help you connect microcontrollers to mobile devices, easy as pie
Get started with microcontrollers!

Alt Text

Bluetooth beacons

Deploying Beacons made easy with our HTML tutorials.
Get started with Eddystone or iBeacons.

Alt Text

Bluetooth LE

Use your JavaScript skills to access Bluetooth Smart devices, both industrial and wearable
Get started w. sensors!