How to develop mobile apps for Bluetooth Low Energy in JavaScript

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Evothings Studio makes it easy to develop real mobile apps in JavaScript, also for distribution via the official app stores. This guide provides an overview of how to develop mobile apps using the smartphone’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities. We’ll give you pointers to our latest tutorials and libraries, all ready to deploy and use with your Cordova application.

Evothings support for BLE

Evothings Studio comes with support for BLE out-of-the-box. There are two main software components for BLE:

  • The Cordova BLE plugin, which provides native access to BLE capabilities and a JavaScript interface.
  • The EasyBLE library which is a high-level library for coding BLE apps in JS. EasyBLE is an add-on library available on GitHub: easyble.dist.js

The Cordova BLE plugin

mbed-nordic-nrf51-dkThis plugin is ready to use in a Cordova application and comes pre-installed with Evothings Viewer. Resources:

The EasyBLE library

EasyBLE is a library written on top of the Cordova BLE plugin, which provides high-level functions for scanning, connecting, reading and writing BLE devices.

How to get started

Use Evothings Studio and Evothings Viewer to to get started quickly with writing apps that use BLE. (Evothings Viewer is itself a Cordova application, which you can customize if required.)

Read the tutorial How to connect to BLE devices to get an introduction to the EasyBLE API.

You can also install the BLE plugin in a custom Cordova app, add the plugin with this command:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ble

To use EasyBLE, download the file easyble.dist.js and include it in index.html:

<script src="easyble.dist.js"></script>

Documentation and links


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With Evothings Studio it is easy to get started with developing mobile apps for Bluetooth Low Energy and the Internet of Things!