Evothings enterprise offerings

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The Evothings Studio family is growing and we’re adding a premium plan to the mix. While the Evothings Studio community version is still free to download and use. This Summer, we’ve introduced asubscription-based commercial version of Evothings Studio. As a subscriber, it means more support levels and options, as well as a growing number of enterprise functions. Details on what plans we offer are now available on our pricing page.

Don’t get us wrong; we ensure and solemnly declare that Evothings Studio will be available as free software also in the future, and will continue to function as a full-blown SDK for all who want to create mobile services and apps for what we call the Internet of Things. This is important to us and everything is also released as Open Source; the Evothings Workbench, the Viewer softare, all the examples and template – save the server side software running in the cloud, where you would need to commercially licence from us.

Our paid subscription plans include:

  • Higher volumes in various features that utilize our cloud resources
  • Product support in more channels than only using the public online forum and chat
  • Access to additional libraries and examples (Enterprise Plan)
  • Access to consultancy services in selected IoT projects (Pro and Enterprise Plans)

New Support Portal
In order to better serve our open community as well as our commercial customers we decided to use Freshdesk for support tickets, discussion forums, knowledge base and more – you can find our support portal at https://evothings.freshdesk.com. At our Freshdesk, doesn’t matter if you are a paying customer or not – the support portal is open for all and you can easily login using Facebook, Google or Twitter or just make a regular email based signup.