Announcing the release of Evothings Studio 1.1.3

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March 10, 2015

linkitone-splash Evothings is happy to announce the release of Evothings Studio version 1.1.3, that offers increased support for Estimote Beacons and Stickers, new supported micro-controllers and stability across various devices. There is plenty of additional API and plugin documentation in addition to brand new examples being added while other examples have been updated.

We’ve been having lots of fun with the Estimote Beacons and Stickers and there are now two examples covering different use cases that they both allow you to call the Estimote native functions directly from JavaScript (Nearable example is limited to iOS only). Accessing BLE advertisement data using easyble.js now works on both Android and iOS mobile devices. The BLE Scan example also removes any in-active beacons from the list after a short period of grace time.

One of our partners, MediaTek Labs, have released a comprehensive development board called the LinkIt ONE. We have added a new example for demonstrating the on-board GPS which sends its coordinates over WiFi direct to your phone and positioning the board on a map view. We hope that it will inspire you to do great things with the LinkIt ONE, as it has lots of additional connectivity on-board.

Documentation of libraries and plugin APIs have been added to the documentation. See the API Overview page for details.

Download Evothings Studio and try it out yourself!