Easy, fast and fun to create mobile applications for IoT

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Do you want to create a mobile application for your IoT project but you feel that having to learn the various different languages required to develop for iOS, Android and Windows Phone is just too tedious, platform specific or requires special hardware?

If you would like to use easy-to-use web development technologies (HTML5 and JavaScript) to write mobile applications for your IoT projects, yet still harvest the power of native functionality in a device agnostic manner – then Evothings Studio is for you!

Evothings Studio is free to use and open-source!

Check out our suite of examples for creating mobile applications for your Arduino projects, Philips Hue lights, low-energy Bluetooth devices and sensors or even your iBeacon projects. Simply try them out, modify them for your needs and you will have your first mobile IoT applications running on iOS and android in minutes.

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