Easy, fast and fun to create mobile applications for the Internet of Things!

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Do you want to create a mobile application for your IoT project, but feel that developing apps the old fashioned way is too tedious? Would you like to use your web skills also for mobile? Then Evothings Studio is for you!

With a tad bit of knowledge of HTML5 and Javascript, you can easily create mobile apps for your Arduino project, to control your Philips Hue lights, Bluetooth-conncted sensors and other devices. Just try out our examples and demos, modify them for your needs and you will have your first mobile IoT app for Android and iOS running in minutes.

Evothings Studio is free to use and open source!

Download now and have fun!

Evothings Studio is made up of two integrated parts; the Workbench running on your computer and the Client app running on your mobile device(s). By this setup you will be able to see changes you do in the app during development, appear instantly on real devices and without any cables attached.

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