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Your rapid development tool for mobile IoT apps

Evothings Studio downloadIt’s fast and fun to develop mobile applications for IoT in HTML5 and JavaScript with Evothings Studio. Create your application using the fast workflow of Evothings Studio and prototype it live. When finished, build and publish your native app on the iOS and Android app stores.

Evothings Studio is tailored for development of mobile applications related to the Internet of Things – It’s free to use and open source! Read more about the key features below, or download Evothings Studio right away.

Develop real mobile apps in HTML5/JavaScript

html5 JS CSS

  • Develop mobile apps with standard web technologies
    such as HTML5, JavaScript and cascading stylesheets (CSS)
  • Lots of JavaScript examples that are easy to extend and modify to create your own customized projects
  • High-level libraries to support common IoT use cases, saving you lots of coding
  • Migrate your existing JavaScript projects, just add them with drag-n-drop

Built-in support for connected things

  • Examples and libraries provided for commonly available hardware
  • Easily create mobile apps connecting to Arduino, Texas Instruments SensorTag, Philips Hue lighting, iBeacons and many others in a matter of minutes


Common IoT technologies – integrated and ready-to-use


  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Support for iBeacons (iOS and Android)
  • TCP/UDP IP networking over WiFi or Ethernet provided via Chrome Sockets
  • Serial communication over Bluetooth Classic (Android)

Create great User Interfaces

jQuery, Sencha, Phonegap, Bootstrap

  • Compatible with popular UI libraries
    such as jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Kendo UI, Bootstrap, Topcoat amongst others
  • Live preview the look-and-feel on real devices

Access the native features on smartphones and tablets


  • Use device features such as the Camera, Accelerometer, Compass, FileSystem, Geolocation, Media Capture, Low-level networking – easy accessible via JavaScript
  • Comprehensive extensibility via community built Cordova third party plug-ins

Easy to use IDE – enabling rapid prototyping

Instant updates

  • Instant publishing of code modifications directly to connected mobile devices
  • On-device real-time code evaluation and logging
  • Apps built are ready to publish to app stores
  • Build apps for iOS and Android from one single codebase
  • Use your favorite HTML editor in combination with the Evothings Studio IDE

Lots of examples, documentation and inspiration

  • Comprehensive collection of examples and tutorials
  • Access to online documentation

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