How to publish Android apps

To publish an app on the Google Play is a process that will take some work if you are new to it. We recommend you set aside at least a day to go through the submission procedure.

Here are some of the central Google documentation pages to get you started:

The web is full of information and help for how to submit apps to the App Store. One example is this publishing guide from Ionic.

To help you prepare your Evothings app for publication, we will add more information to this page. Stay tuned!

You are also welcome to ask for help at the Evothings Forum.

Use Evothings Studio for Cordova app development

Evothings Studio makes it easy to develop Cordova apps. Check out how to use your Cordova project with the fast Evothings workflow.

It is easy and fun to get started with Evothings Studio. Download now and be up and running in 5 minutes!