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Create mobile apps for your Texas Instruments projects with Evothings Studio

Welcome to the Texas Instruments and mobile application resource section. In this section, you will find various resources to get started developing mobile applications to interact with your Texas Instruments projects using Evothings Studio.

About Texas Instruments

The TI SensorTag is a widely-popular battery powered, Bluetooth Smart (BLE) device, based on the CC2650 Bluetooth Low Energy radio System-on-Chip. It carries a number of different sensors that can be used for various applications and projects.

New: TI SensorTag Starter Kit for Evothings Studio, with freshly compiled resources for the CC2650!

SensorTag CC2650

  • Contactless IR temp sensor (TI TMP007)
  • Digital Ambient Light Sensor (TI OPT3001)
  • Digital Humudity and Temperature Sensor (TI HDC1000)
  • 9-axis Motion Sensor (Invensense MPU-9250)
  • Altimeter/Pressure Sensor (Bosch Sensortec BMP280)
  • Magnet Sensor (Meder MK24)
  • Digital Microphone (Knowles SPH0641LU)
  • uSMA RF connector
  • Buzzer

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Resources to get started developing mobile apps in Evothings Studio

Below are a number of resources on our website to support getting started with developing mobile apps using Evothings Studio. Enjoy discovering a new world of possibilities combining your Texas Instruments projects and mobile applications!

Getting Started Walkthroughs

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