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Providing solutions for our customers and partners is central to Evothings success as a cutting-edge company, also allowing us to stay close to the market’s needs and wants. The Evothings team have more than a century of collected knowledge of development of mobile services and apps in the professional realm.

We provide the following range of service offerings:

  • Project support
  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Prototyping
  • Testing services
  • Non-recurring engineering

Project support

Regardless if your project is large or small, we can help you deliver in-house or to customers. You want to get started quickly, then we’ll build a first version of your service. You may have a service already, that you want hardened with the latest in security in transfer, display and storage. Or just as an insurance, to make you sure your development project runs smoothly.


We do workshops both in IoT strategy for corporations, and technology-oriented for developers. Adding mobile to IoT is often fast, efficient and also fun, and we know how it’s done.


We specialise in making services and apps, where your phone or tablet interacts with other connected devices, we can use both digital channels, and on-premise depending on your training needs.

Testing services

We can test mobile code across a device range of smartphones and tablets, we can also test entire systems including embedded devices and cloud services, and have access to a broad range of mobile devices and hardware.

Non-recurring engineering

We can do engineering for you as a customer, our developers are highly skilled in many languages and software paradigms, contact us with your development needs and let’s talk!

The Evothings Studio

Our product offering, the Evothings Studio gives you a clear advantage over other development frameworks:

  • Shortening time-to-market by enabling rapid processes throughout the app lifecycle
  • Relieve many resource problems by enabling app development using common web technologies
  • Reduce complexity by integrating key technologies for Industrial IoT

Kick start developing Internet of Things solutions by implementing a rapid innovation process

Contact for more information.