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Evothings Studio is offered as a service with a subscription model for single developers. Joining as a paying user gives you access to support, more features and higher volumes of usage, as compared to the Free version.

If you’re looking for the actual Evothings Studio software; the desktop part can be downloaded here and the mobile phone clients are found on the public app stores, look for “evothings viewer”.

Your selected license tier governs options during app development, while the apps you make are yours and your alone. There are no fees connected to usage of the resulting apps; the examples and templates are released under the open source Apache 2 license.

Plans Free Indie Pro Enterprise
Price Free $19/Month $699/Year On offer
Description Everything you need to get started to create great mobile apps for IoT For solo developers; more features, usage and diagnostic tools For pro developers; extended usage and product support For enterprise developers; workflow for more users, enterprise examples & libraries and advanced support levels
Volume of usage
Concurrent number of projects you can work on in parallel 5 10 50 100
Concurrently live connected mobile devices during debugging and development 2 5 20 50
Max number of parallel data streams being monitored live during testing 1 (trial) 10 25 50
Manual OTA uploads to embedded devices included (trial) included included included
Automated OTA to embedded devices included (trial) included included included
Examples & Libraries
Enterprise examples not-included not-included not-included included
Enterprise libraries not-included not-included not-included included
Forum and Gitter access included included included included
Product support/SLA not-included included included included
Premium support* not-included not-included Add on Add on

* Premium support is offered also for your project(s), at hourly rates. Please contact

* For inquiries on subscriptions, send e-mail to

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Academia, schools and universities

Students and learners at K-12 and enrolled at universities and other non-commercial institutions, can use the Free edition of Evothings Studio. Teachers and staff are encouraged to acquire a commercial subscription, foremost as this will enable professional support.