In discussions with iTunes Review board or Where’s the Viewer for iOS?

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So where’s the Viewer for iOS? The short version is that it’s temporarily withdrawn from iTunes. Since then, we’ve had a healthy conversation with Apple, and are currently working together with them to augment the Evothings Viewer so it conforms well with their current regulations and expectations on the user’s app experience.

In practice, that means that our own viewer for iOS will be missing for another weeks, and we’re really sorry about this. On the bright side, we’ll rid ourselves from the hurdles of using expiring Cloud Tokens and Connect Key paradigm as an effect of the necessary changes, and hence resort to a more standard login method for both desktop Workbench and Viewer clients. We’ll also add a tab bar allowing users to go “back” and “home” even if the UI built traditionally doesn’t offer such functionality. This will not affect the resulting apps made with Evothings, but can be used by including an optional native UI Cordova plugin which can be bundled when building.

Again, we’re sorry that we could give very little heads-up or notice prior to this occurrence, and we’re working hard for a resolution for the Studio product line and thousands of mobile IoT developers out there. In the meantime, you can use the Android version on Google Play, you can build your own iOS client from source (an Apache Cordova/Phonegap compatible project) and find other viewer apps within the developer community who have built their offerings using our code sources, often enhanced with additional functionality and methods they needed or that they felt were otherwise missing.


The Evothings team