How to get started with Estimote beacon mobile app development in 5 minutes (unsupported content)

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This post refers to features no longer supported

We no longer maintain the Cordova plugin for Estimote Beacons. We recommend using the generic iBeacon plugin instead, which works nicely with Estimote Beacons. Please see the iBeacon Starter Guide for further details.

estimote-beacons-boxNew: Updated for Evothings Studio 2.0. Perhaps you already have, or plan to order, a set of Estimote Beacons and want to make some cool apps for them? It can take some time and preparation to get up and running with mobile application development, and the path to a final publishable app is not without challenges. By using Evothings beacon technologies, based on JavaScript and HTML, you can be up and running in just five (5) minutes, and in addition to that build a native app when you are ready to ship!

Here is what you do, to be up and running in five minutes:

  • Get a set of Estimote Beacons
  • Download and install Evothings Studio
  • Get the free Evothings Viewer app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play
  • Launch Evothings Workbench on your computer and get a connect key
  • Launch Evothings Viewer on your mobile phone(s) and connect to the Workbench by entering the connect key
  • Locate the example app “Estimote Beacons” in the Workbench project list
  • Click RUN

Now the fun begins!

  • Click COPY to make your own app
  • Press RUN on the copy to activate live reload
  • Click CODE to view the source files

Open a code file in your favorite text editor, make some changes. Press Save. The app reloads and displays your updates right on your mobile device.

Yes, it is that easy. Go and get Evothings Studio now – it is quick and fun to get up and running!

Also check out the in-depth introduction to development of Estimote apps using JavaScript, where we dig into the details of beacon app development for mobile devices.