Evothings Studio now with integrated support for iBeacons

Aaron ArdiriBlogs

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Evothings is proud to announce a new release of its development studio. A fresh new look to our seamless, easy to use development tool now includes support for iBeacons on both iOS and Android platforms with the integration of the plugin from Peter Metz that will allow for the quick prototyping and publishing of mobile iBeacon applications.

The plugin exposes an API similar to Apple’s CLLocationManager class on both platforms – allowing developers to develop iBeacon applications for both iOS and Android using the same code; something that until now has been a tedious effort due to implementation differences across the platforms – this is a big move forward with iBeacon application development.

New with this release is also the ability to host your own custom Evothings applications on your own website and have the user automatically launch the Evothings client giving the applications access to the native capabilities on the device – simply host the application, inform the user to download and install the Evothings client and distribute an evothings:// URL for instant launching and execution of your applications as you share them via email, social media or even through your own website.

evothings client connect screenshot   evothings client iBeacon screenshot

Evothings Workbench also integrates HyperReload technology that allows for the instant deployment and execution (on multiple devices at the same time) of Evothings applications by simply saving the file locally – removing the need to go through the time consuming process of compile, package and deploy to the mobile devices. It also includes a built in JavaScript evaluation engine that also allows the developer to make dynamic changes in real time to the applications directly from the workbench. This has proven to save hours of development effort and removes any platform specific quirks during the development process.

We have found these features in our own experience have simplified all our mobile IoT application development – as we are sure it will do for other developers out there; we are continuously adding new features and technologies as they emerge.


  • changed version number to 0.8.0
  • added notification to inform users of new version within workbench
  • added support for evothings:// URI scheme for hosting Evothings applications
  • integrated generic iBeacon plugin for iOS and Android applications
  • removal of standard Cordova plugin’s from client that present potential security risks
  • complete overhaul of the user interface (client and workbench) for improved usability

The product is currently available for download at http://www.evothings.com/download/

For further information about this software release or to obtain additional information about what we do as a company contact press@evothings.com and we will be happy to help.