Evothings Studio 1.1.0 released

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December 22, 2014

estimote-beacons-group-small Evothings is proud to announce the release of Evothings Studio version 1.1.0. This version further extends the opportunities to develop great mobile apps for connected devices and the Internet of Things.

Major highlights include support for Estimote Beacons, updated examples for the TI SensorTag, and brand new example apps for ReadBearLab boards.

It is fun and easy to get started


Making quick prototypes and shiny apps for Beacons and micro-controllers is easier than ever with this release. It is quick to get started!

Download Evothings Studio and try it out yourself!

Summary of new features in Evothings Studio 1.1.0


New plugins in Evothings Client:

New example applications:

Updated documentation:

New example library functions:

  • Updated EasyBLE library with support for accessing advertisement data
  • Updated TISensorTag library with firmware version access and sensor value calculation
  • Dynamic loading of scripts
  • Utilities for numeric conversions

Bugfixes and improvements:

  • Evothings Workbench detects network switches, and restarts servers when changing network (note that clients must be manually reconnected)
  • Other improvements and bugfixes

See documentation main page for full release notes.