Evothings Labs Rises

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As you all have noticed we’ve made less noise than usual. This posting is to say we’re back, recovered from caveats from former structures, reorganised yet with the same team – into a brand new entity – the Evothings Labs. Until recently our hands were tied in a symbolic sense – now we can finally move forward and make some noise again!

For you as a developer, what does this mean? It means you can expect continued service with fewer restrictions and eventually broader support for web languages, third party services, various hardware support and a more focused look at modern libraries and functionality for mobile hybrid and “webapp” creation.

Our plans for the future are taking shape; how we want to evolve Evothings into something greater and much sharper. We haven’t decided all the details in the roll-out, but we know what it is we want to accomplish; to turn Evothings into a great platform for building mobile app driven IoT solutions. More things we’re certain of include:

  • The Evothings Workbench and Evothings Viewer both are, and will remain Open Source in their baseline versions.
  • Libraries developed by us for the specific purpose of making your own apps, are, and will always remain Open Source.
  • Our cloud service that connects mobile devices to the Studio will always be free to use for development. It’s however currently not Open Source.

This means that there is no cost involved in using Evothings for development, and there are also no costs related to the use of our libraries when you deploy your app on the public app stores.
Our commercial offering will focus on the deployment of services for additional functionality; storage, analytics, interoperability and integration with 3:rd parties. We think it makes sense to help companies with the deployment and distribution of apps, and asking for commercial terms given that it creates sustainable value for their organisation, providers and customers.

Moving from Freshdesk to Discourse

Since we now operate in a much leaner fashion, it also means we wish to reshape some things that we put in place while we still aimed for a traditional, commercial subscription based business model. We started using Freshdesk to offer commercial support, and also host our discussion forums and more – but we are now shutting it down as it doesn’t fit our current way of working. An open forum is better for everyone.

Commercial support services will still be offered as an on-request custom service. We will beginning from today refer the discussion forum to our own new Discourse installation available at discourse.evothings.com. Sorry for the inconvenience!

For chat however we’ll still rely on gitter.im (a distant cousin to Slack) and currently see no reason to change that.

Next Steps

Yes, we have great plans in store for the Evothings platform, and are currently allocating resources and everything else required to realise them. We are choosing assignments with care, allowing us to balance client work and reserving time for finalising the new incarnation of Evothings Studio.

For you as a developer it means Evothings works as usual, an improved user forum with Discourse, but no support tickets.

Feel free to contribute with requests and advise from the field. Our success relies on that we spend time doing the right things, so don’t be a stranger and do help us out by having your say!