Step 1: Download Evothings Workbench

This is an older version of Evothings Studio, version 2.2. Download it here:

This is an older version of Evothings Studio, version 2.0. Download it here:

Step 2: Install Evothings Viewer app on your Android or iOS device

Use your mobile device to install Evothings Viewer from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Note: You need both parts of Evothings Studio; the Evothings Workbench for your computer and Evothings Viewer for your mobile device(s).

Step 3: Connect from Evothings Viewer to Evothings Workbench

Now you are ready to go! For instructions on how to connect, please refer to the in-line instructions on your Evothings Workbench’s Welcome screen.

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Seems good so far, but what does actually Evothings Studio do?

Evothings Studio is a mobile application development platform tailored for IoT and connected devices. Evothings Studio makes it easy, efficient and fun to develop mobile apps for IoT. Welcome to learn more and use Evothings Studio for your mobile app projects, with lots of tutorials and examples.

Evothings Studio is a development platform consisting of three main parts:

  • Evothings Workbench – a development environment running on your computer (PC, Mac & Linux) with project handling, debugging tools, login functionality and much more
  • Evothings Viewer – a mobile application running on your devices (iOS & Android) enabling live coding – see your code changes immediately in your applications running live on mobile devices
  • Evothings Cloud Services – cloud services handling the communication between the Workbench and the Viewer applications, enabling lots of cool features for rapid iterations and live coding

To use Evothings Studio, download Evothings Workbench to your computer and install an Evothings Viewer on your mobile device(s).

The benefits of Evothings Studio 2.0

Evothings Studio is designed to make the development process fast. It is also very easy to get started. The offering includes the following main benefits:

  • Use familiar web technologies to develop apps working for both Android and iOS. Build and publish your apps to the public app stores.
  • Easy to use Workbench with project handling, debugging tools and much more. The accompanying Viewer application that run on your mobile devices, enables super fast turnarounds and live coding.
  • See code changes live on multiple devices simultaneously as you develop your app. This enables extremely fast iterations and saves loads of time!
  • You can use your favourite code editor together with Evothings Workbench.
  • Built-in support and libraries for commonly used IoT connectivity technologies:
    • Bluetooth Low Energy
    • Beacon support including iBeacon and Eddystone
    • Networking: TCP, UDP
  • Built-in support and libraries for a number of IoT hardware devices such as, Arduino, iBeacons, Eddystone, Texas Instruments Sensor Tags, ARM boards, Nordic Semiconductor, MediaTek, Estimote and many more.
  • Lots of ready-made example apps for IoT and connected devices. Use any example app as a template and modify it for your own purposes.
  • Global connectivity, easy to connect to Evothings Workbench for users independently of physical location or network. Your test users can instantly get updated versions of the apps and test directly from their physical location.
  • Login via Evothings Workbench and reconnect the Viewer application with a single click.