MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo

This example shows you how to create an application that connects to Node.js application running on a MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo. The application allows you to control a LED connected to the pin 13 on the board over a network.

Source code

You can browse the source code for this example at the Evothings GitHub repository

The file index.html contains both the HTML markup and the business logic.

What you need

This example runs in Evothings Viewer on Android or iOS.

How to get up and running

Detailed instructions on how to get this example up and running are available in this article.

Follow these steps to get started with this example:

  1. Configure your development environment (tutorial).
  2. Create Node.js application (tutorial).
  3. Run Evothings Studio on your computer.
  4. Connect to the Evothings Workbench from your smartphone.
  5. Run the example named “MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo” in the workbench.
  6. Configure the mobile application to use the url to your development board.
  7. Control the LED from your smart phone.