Evothings Studio 2.0 Beta 2 released!

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Stockholm Dec 10, 2015

DSC_0609We’re very happy to announce that Evothings Studio 2.0 beta 2 is available for general access. This is a production-grade release, and we recommend using it for customer work. In fact, development of IoT apps has never been faster, with a growing number of templates and examples for various IoT devices, systems and cloud services.

We’d like to thank everyone providing feedback on requirements for development, testing and production of apps suitable for the Internet of Things and connected devices and services. We’re confident that Evothings Studio is ready for the world and is in stable operation, with running service in US, Asia and Europe!

Improved UI

This release is revamped with an overall improved UI of the Workbench with clearer instructions and new functionality for a simpler workflow, and adding more persistence to connected desktop and mobile clients.

Being able to make copies of projects in a single click makes it easier to take bundled examples and making them your own. Another feature allows you to create new projects using a basic template, alongside drag-dropping your own projects into the Workbench. The developer’s own apps are collected under “My Apps”, for easy access. For safety, alerts are introduced when removing a project (i.e. unlinking, we don’t touch any real files) from your list.

Connect from anywhere

Since Evothings Studio took the leap from being a stand-alone download for desktops, to a full-fledged hosted service, it’s become so much easier to connect mobile clients to the developer Workbench, regardless of network or method for internet access.

You can mix and match clients running on 3G/4G with WiFi as well as other tethering options. It also allows developers, testers, clients and others to access and run the same code, with multiple devices for easy distribution of project contents and comparison between devices.

Share your thoughts with us!

evoteam_seWe love feedback. We’ve created a menu option straight under the Workbench main menu, for developers to use. In addition to our regular web forum we have also started using Gitter for community live chat. Just use the link below to join our Gitter chat room right in your browser!


Download Evothings Studio and get started!

Release notes for Evothings Studio

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